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$20 for Initial and Renewals.

Wyoming Registered Agent Service

Registered Agent Service

Accepting official legal documets for your company.

Business Address

Use of our address as your company’s principal office and mailing address.


Details of your company are not discussed with anyone.


For new appointments and renewals.

Mail Forwarding

Free 5 pieces of mailed scanned and emailed to you.

$25 Change of Agent

Includes $5 State Filing Fee


Our $20 Services

Our Wy registered agent service starts at $20 for initial filings and renewals. The fee to change your registered agent includes the state filings fee.


Why Hire An Agent

Hiring a registered agent in Wyoming can keep you focused on your day to day business operations.


Change Your Agent

We can help you seemlessly change your existing agent to us.


Maintaining State Requirments

Wyoming requires that all LLCs keep a registered agent physically located within the state.

Everything You Need To Start

Wyoming requires any business authorized to conduct business within the state to maintain a registered agent. A registered agent must be physically located within the state.

A registered agent is a person or company that is designated to receive legal documents and service of process on behalf of your company. The agent’s name and address is made publicly available. Any Wyoming business entity is required to have a registered agent.

Our company maintains a physical address in downtown Sheridan, Wyoming. Which allows us to accept service of process by maintaining normal business hours. We will provide a written agreement allowing us to accept service of process. In the event our company is required to accept service of process for your entity, we will notify the authorized individual designated to receive communication between us and your entity.


For new Wyoming comany formation and renewal of Wyoming registered agent services.


For Changin Wyoming registered agents. Includes $5 state filing fee.

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What you get with our Wyoming registered agent service.

Any and all legal business entites located in Wyoming are required to continuously have a Wyoming registered agent available within the state to accept legal documents and other service of process. Our Wy registered agent service can help you fullfill this state requirement by providing you with the necessary agreement and documents.

  • 1 Year of WY Registered Agent Services
  • Consent to Appoint Registered Agent
  • Use of our address on business filings
  • Free Mail forwarding for 5 pieces of mail
  • Free Change of Agent

1 Year Wy Registered Agent

One full year of Wyoming registered agent service.

Wyoming Registered Agent Consent Form

We will provide you with a “Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent” form. There is no need for you to sign this. This form is our firm agreeing to be your Wy registered agent.

Use of our address

Our Wyoming registered agent service includes use of our address for business filings. You can use our address for principal or mailing address.

Mail Forwarding

We include mail forwarding for five pieces of regular mail. Our mail forwarding is offered by scanning your mail and emailing you a digital copy. Physical mail forwarding is available as a separate service for an additional fee.

WY Registered Agent Service

Accordng to Wyoming state law, all business entitites registered within the state must maintain a registered agent physically located within the state of Wyoming. The purpose of a registered agent is to ensure that legal notices can be reliably delivered to business entities. The Wyoming Secretary of State Office will not approve a business filing without a Wyoming registered agent.

Our Wy registered agent services provide you with a way to meet this state requirement by maintaining a physical address in Wyoming, compliance with record production requirments, and keeping normal business hours. In the event your company is delivered important legal documents someone will be here to accept the documents during normal business hours and notify you promptly.

Business Address in Wyoming

For most people, forming a Wyoming LLC from outside the state or starting an online business can present the hassel of finding a low cost Wyoming registered agent. A person can be their own registered agent, but if they are out of state it may be easier to hire a Wy registered agent instead of renting, leasing, or purchasing a property to meet the requirements.

We provide use of our Wyoming address to be used on business filings. A PO box, drop box, and mail forwarding services are not accepted by the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Mail Forwarding

Using our business address on filings to start a Wyoming LLC could mean that some official documents may be mailed to our office address in Wyoming. Although our service is primarily only to be a Wyoming registered agent.

We provide up to five pieces of mail to be forwarded to your communications contact email with our Wy registered agent service. Our firm will open scan and email the contents to your company contact person. We do provide a physical mail forwarding service, however, this additional service is distinguishable and separate from a Wy registered agent service.


Our Wy registered agent service in Wyoming has an excellent reputation for customer privacy. Details about your members and managers are not shared with anyone unless required in very limited specific situations. Even then, Wyoming’s production of records requirment limit who can have access to the data.

According to the Secretary of State, all records maintained by us can be subject to periodic or special review by the Wyoming Secretary of State. Records are not openly discussed with law enforcement and require the receipt of a valid subpoena that has been properly served. Our records are subject to properly served, valid and enforceable subpoenas.

24 Hour Fast Filing

Why hire a registered agent?

Many companys choose to be their own registered agent, but others choose to hire a commercial registered agent. 

By hiring us, we will be your registered agent for one year and the other benefits related to the service.

Our company will get your Wyoming LLC Organized within 24 hours. You will receive all the documentation establishing your company as a legal entity in the State of Wyoming through filing the articles of organization.

Benefits of Hiring Us


We can help keep your name and address out of public records by using our address on business filings.


Anyone can form a Wyoming LLC regardless of residence. Someone out of the State of Wyoming can use our registered agent service.

Online Business

Online companies may not have a physicall address or operated out of a home.

Inconsistent Hours

A registered agent is required to be available during normal business hours. We can help fullfill this requirement for companies that have intermittent operations or conduct business at irregular hours.


You can also represent yourself as the Wy registered agent for your company in Wyoming. However, becoming a Wy registered agent would make your name and address public.  One issue many companies complain about is unsolicited calls, emails, and junk mail. Another issue comes from online companies who have worldwide exposure. These company owners can sometimes become the target of harassment due to their website content or good they are selling.  Therefore, in certain circumstances it can be the better option is to hire a Wy registered agent to keep your personal information from unscrupulous characters or bad actors.


To form a Wyoming company there must be a Wyoming registered agent who has consented to this role. You can be your own Wy registered agent, but must be physically present in Wyoming. You cannot use a PO box, drop box, mail forwarding service, ups store, or anything similar. It must be a Wyoming physical address that someone can go to and deliver legal documents in the event of a lawsuit. Being your own Wy registered agent may not be an option for some companies whos owners do not have a physical address in Wyoming

Online Business

Some companies operate completely online and do not have a physical address. This can be the case for drop shippers, ebay stores, amazon stores, digital good stores, digital services, ect. Many times these online businesses do have an office that is in their home, but a majority of the business operation is online. Since business filings are public records anyone can search and discover the business owners personal address. An unhappy customer could easily go to the address on public record and attempt to return a product or discuss any issues they may have had with the product or service.

Inconsistent Hours

A Wyoming registered agent plays a crucial role in your business by maintaining a physical address. They also are important because they must be available during normal business hours. This may not be possible for companies that perform seasonal work, night operations, or subject to on demand service requests. A Wy registered agent is constantly available during normal hours.

Providing Privacy Support To Your Business

Since our inception, business development has been a part of our organizational core values by focusing on building an emergent strategy that reduces privacy entry barriers

Your Name Remains Private

Your Address Remains Private

Members and Managers Are Not Listed Publically

Public Record Search Will Not Reveal Your Ownership

$20 Wyoming registered agent

24 Hour Fast Filing

Want to Chage Your Registered Agent?

Change Your Registered Agent

Select Your Registered Agent

The first step in changing your Wyoming registered agent is to pick one. Every registered agent offers the same basic service with a few deviations is extra services.

Consent to Appoint Registered Agent

Getting consent from a registered agent is imperitive to receive a stipulated agreement.

File Changes With Secretary of State

It is important to notify the State of Wyoming of changes to your registered agent.

Maintain Agreement

Typically a registered agent will specify a time frame for which services will be valid. Usually  this is about a year.

Our services help you change your registered agent with minimal effort. We will provide you with with a written agreement and a consent form to solidify our arrangements.

By hiring us, we will be your registered agent for one year and the other benefits related to the service. Also, we will file all necessary changes with the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Our company will get your documents to you within 24 hours. You will receive all the documentation establishing our agreement to be your registered agent. The State of Wyoming usually takes 15 business days to make changes to their online business entity database.

What is a registered agent?

Wyoming requires all business authorized to conduct business within the state to have a registered agent. These agents also have requirements of their own which are outlined in state statutes. The purpose of a Wyoming registered agent is to ensure the company is available in the event of legal action. Designating one person or entity to be a registered agent helps simplify the process.

    A registered agent is required to accept all properly delivered legal documents.
    The LLCs designated contact person is required to be notified upon receipt of any legal notification and provide the notice to them.
    Someone is required to be physically present during normal business hours.

Wyoming State Laws have made it mandatory for any business registered in Wyoming with the Secretary of State must have a registered agent. Such an agent must have an office within the state. Therefore, if you don’t have a Wyoming registered agent by your side, forming a Wyoming LLC is impossible. The main reason is that any lawsuit that must occur in the future must be forwarded to the court only after the business has been notified. Without a proper Wyoming registered agent listed with the Secretary of State, reaching out to the business that may be located anywhere around the world could become extremely expensive and inefficient.

Therefore, most low-cost registered agents in Wyoming offer the following services:

  • The Wyoming registered agent maintains all contact information for the LLC. Such information includes the names and addresses of the key firm members.
  • The registered agent receives all legal notices and mails at their business address. Such receipt fulfills the requirement for the documents to be forwarded to court.
  • Whenever such documents are received, the LLC and its members are notified by the Wyoming registered agent in this regard.
    • If any reports or documents are due, such as the annual reports, you receive a notification from your LLC’s Wyoming registered agent.
    • The registered office address of the business is maintained to ensure all communications can be made to the business in due time.

    As such, registered agent services in Wyoming are a way of receiving all your important business mail and legal documents while your own business is not present inside the state itself.

Why Choose Us To Be Your Wy Registered Agent

Over the years, our company has developed a reputation for offering high-end services and unparalleled benefits to our clients while offering registered agent services in Wyoming. To ensure that all our customers remain satisfied, our firm goes out of its way to help you in the best way possible. Some of our key plus points include:

  • We send out immediate notifications as soon as any document is received for your business. Our company understands that any delay in sending notifications can cause immense problems for the business. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to send notifications to the business as soon as any document is received. No delay in notification occurs when choosing our company as your registered agent in Wyoming.
  • Privacy is our Priority: Our firm goes out of its way to protect the members’ details and the LLC itself. 
  • Corporate Guides: Our business experts are present to answer any questions you may have regarding our services or forming a Wyoming LLC. You have us by your side in all situations.

Currently, we offer a range of extras with our Wyoming registered agent services. All these extras can ensure a great return for your investment in hiring a Wyoming registered agent. Most importantly, many of our competitors and counterparts offer only a fraction of these services for free. This way, we stand out in our approach and tenacity to help the customers as much as possible.

Our company goes out of its way to offer many other related services!

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