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Form a Wyoming LLC

Fast, Private, Anonymous, and separate legal entity from owner.

24 Hour Formation

Get a Wyoming business entity in less than a day.

Business Address

Use our address for your business principal and mailing address.

1 Year of Registered Agent Service

We will be your registered agent for one year.

Articles of Organization

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Mail Forwarding

Up to 5 pieces of mail will be scanned and emailed to you.

Operating Agreement

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Maintaining Confidentiality

Your personal information is never released or discussed to anyone.


Protecting Privacy

Starting a company in Wyoming allows you to keep your name and address out of permanent public records.


Asset Protection

Wyoming’s Limited Liability Company is considered to be a separate legal entity distinguishble from its members and owners.

We Help You Form a Wyoming LLC: Everything You Need To Start

Our company formation service will provide you with a basic foundation to start your journey as a business owner. We will get you up and going in as little as 24 hours. You will receive all of the documentation establishing your company as a legal entity in the State of Wyoming.

Our services help you maintain privacy when starting a new company. We make sure your information is not published when filing documents with the initial filing of your company. Any information you provide us is strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

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Establish a Wyoming Company

Providing Privacy Support To Your Business

Since our inception, business development has been a part of our organizational core values by focusing on building an emergent strategy that reduces privacy entry barriers

Your Name Remains Private

Your Address Remains Private

Members and Managers Are Not Listed Publically

Public Record Search Will Not Reveal Your Ownership

Our Private Company Formation Service Includes

Everything to get your Wyoming company established.

  • Wyoming State Filing Fee
  • One Year Registered Agent Service
  • Articles of Organization
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Standard Operating Agreement
  • List our address as the principal address
  • List our address as the mailing address
  • Our address as organizer address
  • Mail forwarding – 5 letters
  • Resolution To Open a Bank Account
  • Privacy
  • Document Support

State Fee Requirements

To form a Wyoming LLC there is an initial state filing fee of $100 plus a $2 convienience fee. This state fee is required to file your Articles of Organization to form your Wyoming company. Our firm includes this state fee when you choos to form a Wyoming LLC with us.

1 Year WY Registered Agent

Wyoming requres any company in the state to maintain a Wyoming registered agent physically located within the state. The purpose of a registered agent is to ensure someone is available to accept legal documents for your company in the even of litigation. Our WY company formation service includes one year of Wyoming registered agent service.


Important Documents

We will create your Articles of Organization to help you form a Wyoming company. We can add custom articles or use a default one. We also will provide you with a generic operating agreement to help get your company started.

Wyoming Address

You can choose to use our address on business filings for either your principal address, mailing address or both. Also, out of state addresses are acceptable to use on business filings. So you do not have to feel obligated to use our address.

Our Wyoming Company Formation Service

Our firm helps you form a Wyoming company effortlessly and seemlessly by completeing all of the steps necesary to full fill the Wyoming state requirements pertaining to Wyoming company formation. We make sure that each step of the process is completed in a manner that is satisfactory relevant to state statutes. The steps to form a Wyoming company are easy and you can choose to complete this process yourself or hire a professional to ensure everything is completed properly.

Wy LLC Formation in 24 hours

We can start your Wyoming LLC formation in less than 24 hours. This way you do not have to wait to begin your company operations as a seperate legal entity from yourself. In 24 hours we will have your Wyoming company formed and ready to get down to business.

Business Address

No need to share your personal address to form a Wyoming LLC.  Many companies face issues of having a physicall address. Online companies or companies that perform work out of a home may not have a separate office address to share when starting a Wyoming LLC. Many online businesses may face issues as they don’t have separate office addresses to share when starting a Wyoming Company. We can help keep your privacy intact or provide an address for your online company to use on business filings.

1 Year of Registered Agent Service

Wyoming requires companies to have a registered agent. Our firm includes this service with our Wy company filing service. Therefore, your firm won’t have to pay any additional cost to find, recruit and utilize the services of a separate Wyoming registred agent. Finding the resources to pay the separate agent fees when they start a Wyoming LLC can be immense for startups. Therefore, consider our services to reduce your expenses and enjoy a safer transition into the business world.

Articles of Organization

Our firm will generate the Articles of Organization and their requirements when forming a Wyoming LLC. Our team of skilled and passionate experts will help collect all the relevant data and complete the documentation formation process for you as part of our services—no additional costs are required to get your Articles of Organization formally developed and filed with the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Operating Agreement

Our firm offers high-end operating agreement services as part of our process to start a Wyoming LLC for you. Our standard operating agreement helps you form a Wyoming company’s rules on how business is conducted. This standard operating agreement is mostly used to provide a template for you to further expand on or remove items to fit your company’s needs and requiremens.

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24 Hour Fast Filing

How to File a Wyoming LLC

A Wyoming LLC filing can be done online or through mailing. You can do this yourself or hire a professional. The person who files the WY LLC will have their name listed as the organizer displayed to the public in the Wyoming Secretary of State’s business entity database. The benefit of hiring us is that we have the experience and knowledge to get things done right while keeping your name private.

By hiring us, we will be your registered agent for one year and prepare and file your articles of organization to keep your personal information private.

Our company will get your Wyoming LLC Organized within 24 hours. You will receive all the documentation establishing your company as a legal entity in the State of Wyoming through filing the articles of organization.

Steps To Get Started

Chose Your Company Name

Wyoming requires an LLC’s name to contain certain words to help distinguish between an LLC or other entity. Often times the name must contain the words; “limited liability company” or similar abreviations.

Find a Registered Agent

Any business in Wyoming is required to have an individual physically located within the state of Wyoming to accept service of process. Our Wyoming LLC Formation service includes an agreement for us to be your Wyoming registered agent.

File Articles of Organization

We can act as an organizer to form your limited liability company by delivering initial articles of organization to the Wyoming Secretary of State. We will make sure the articles of corporation clearly state the name of your corporation, a registered office address, and accompanied by our written consent to appoint us as your registered agent.

Maintain Your LLC

Wyoming requires LLC’s to file annual reports each year. We can help you file this report to keep your name out of public records.

  • L.C.
  • L.L.C.
  • L3C
  • LC
  • Limited Company
  • Limited Liability Co.
  • Limited Liability Company
  • LLC
  • Ltd. Liability Co.
  • Ltd. Liability Company
  • Low Profit ltd. Liability company
  • Low Profit Limited Liability Co.

Benefits of Forming a Wyoming LLC

Wyoming has many benefits for someone considering to start a Limited Liability Company. Wyoming was the first state to develope the idea of separating the personal and business identity. This state is known for perpetuating this idea and continues to provide a flourishing location for businesses. Whether you are actively doing business or wanting to start a holding company, Wyoming is a great place to start.

Primary Benefits

    Wyoming allows members and managers to be private to the public. However, an authorized person who makes filings will be made public. Full privacy is acheived by hiring a company to file on their behalf.
    Wyoming recognizes that an LLC is considered to be a seperate entity from its members/owners.
    Wyoming does not have corporate income taxes or personal income tax. Instead, LLC income is only taxed as FIT. Also, a Wyoming LLC can choose to be taxed as either an s-corp or a c-corp on a federal level.
    Each year a company is required to make an annual report with the secretary of state. Wyoming has one of the lowest annual report fees.
  • OWNERSHIPWyoming allows single member LLC.


Additional Benefits


Benefits of Forming a Wyoming LLC

Apart from the numerous general benefits of forming an LLC, there are many specific benefits attached to forming a Wyoming LLC that have persuaded many people to embrace this option. over the years


No State Income Taxes

There are no state income taxes imposed in Wyoming for any LLC. Wyoming is a popular place to start a Wyoming company due to its non-existance state corporate income tax. Many other states impose excessive taxes on companies. However, the State of Wyoming understands the desire of many people to pay minimal taxes. Wyoming is a great place for people who do not wish to pay state income tax and maximize their profits. This is particularly beneficial to startups or entrepenures who want to expand their business. Business owners moving their company to Wyoming can immediately see their balance sheets improve due to this tax situation. Wyoming has always been a favorable place to form an LLC as the state has never imposed such taxes.

Limited Liability and Asset Protection

To start a Wyoming company means you can immediately seperate your business from your personal life from a legal perspective. A WY LLC is considered to be a separate legal enity which is distinguishable from its owners. A WY company can recieve its own Federal Tax ID number. This legal separation can help protect owners from liability and protect personal assets from potential lawsuits against the company or vice versa. For example, a business is sued for a defective product. The business loses the lawsuit and a judgment is granted against the company. Collection of the debt must be taken from the LLC and not the owner’s personal property or assets.


One key factor that separates a Wyoming LLC from other state’s LLCs is the exeptional level of privacy that Wyoming provides to business owners. A Wyoming LLC is not obligated to disclose members, owners, or managers during initial filing or on annual reports. Annual report fees are based on a company’s assets, but are not disclosed publically on a searchable database. Wyoming’s mandatory reporting requirements minamilize obligations these safety pertinent company information which helps keep information off of public records. When you start a Wyoming company, the only person required to maintain owner, manager, and contact information is the registered agent.  Even a Wyoming registered agent is not required to publically disclose this information and is only required to do so in a very specific limited types of situations.

Privacy is a huge benefit with a Wyoming LLC.  Your details are kept private and secure and not discussed with anyone.

You are not required to be a Wyoming Citizen.

To form an LLC in Wyoming, you are not required to be a native of the area. You don’t even need to be a resident of the united states. People can form and operate their Wyoming LLC from any part of the world without ever visiting Wyoming in person. The main issue in this process is that you require a Wyoming Address and a system to forward your mail service. By working with Lloyd, you get the chance to get both services for free as part of our Wyoming LLC formation package. This way, you can add a physical presence to your remote, online business.

Movement Issues are Minimal

Any existing LLC started outside Wyoming can be easily moved to the state. Wyoming has introduced legal and regulatory changes to ease the process and ensure that everyone can benefit from the numerous advantages offered by Wyoming. Although many features of LLC formation and their benefits are the same in Nevada and Wyoming, these particular benefits are not offered to people in Nevada. Therefore, Wyoming takes the lead as being the most suitable state to manage your LLC.

No Duration Issues

Any LLC, including those formed in Wyoming, benefits indefinite life according to the going concern principle of business formation. If you start a Wyoming company, it will run forever until either formally closed or becoming bankrupt and liquidated. Therefore, the LLC you form in Wyoming is not limited to your lifetime. Instead, it will transfer on to your children and all further generations.

On the other hand, if you form a sole proprietor or partnership, your death will cause the dissolution of the firm. Then, a new agreement has to be negotiated. The same does not apply to a Wyoming LLC, as you can have to either sell, gift, or bequeath your rights to get rid of them.

Ownership transferability

Every owner of any firm wants to have the ability to transfer the ownership of their business if they see fit. Such transfer can be for any reason. For example, a person wishes to depart from the business or wants to become involved in a different business completely. However, if a person forms a Wyoming LLC, they can transfer their own easily and exchange the membership if required.

Capital Raising Ability

Remember, every business needs money to grow. Raising capital is one of the most crucial and challenging tasks any business has to perform to implement its idea. By forming a Wyoming LLC, you get the chance to get your tax identification number for the business. Therefore, the business now becomes eligible to negotiate with legal and financial institutions directly. As such, they can negotiate loans, have credit borrowings, and raise capital formally. As such, investors are interested in investing in LLC. They benefit from both limited liability and the chance to transfer any investment they have made.

No Bounds on Ownership

Being flexible with the number of owners is a major reason many aspiring business people choose to start a Wyoming LLC. Remember, an LLC can have anywhere between 1 to unlimited members. Therefore, the chances to raise immense capital and structure a company any way you feel like is very easy.

Startup Costs

Remember, entering the business may seem lucrative, but it also involves many challenges. One such challenge is the startup costs. Remember, most startup costs are sunk costs. For example, the fee required or other formation charges. For any new business, irrespective of their investment at hand, such expenses are generous, and they may find it hard to maintain their cash flow in their initial days due to these issues. Therefore, Wyoming has gone one step further in facilitating businesses by minimalizing the start-up costs. Currently, forming an LLC is in the approach of every business person.

Similarly, the annual fee is low as well. Therefore, the business does not have to manage a huge expense to survive in the market. Instead, they can maintain their existence at minimal costs.

Wyoming LLC Fee Requirements

A Wyoming LLC has to pay 60 USD every year to the Secretary of the state, starting with the second year in operation. Additionally, if you pay online, a further 2 USD convenience fee is also charged. Next, the annual report is calculated on a technical basis every year. You need to pay 60 USD for every 250,000 USD in your business’s assets as if it operates as Wyoming LLC. For businesses with assets lower than 250,000 USD, the final cost paid every year usually comes at an even 62 USD.

The Secretary requires the name of the individual who files the company’s annual report. If people who start a Wyoming LLC require anonymity, the best option is to ask someone to file for you. One way to do it is by hiring the services of Llowya. Our team can complete your filing process without revealing your identity as a filer. However, if you choose to file yourself, the details will not be removed from the public record once the filing is complete. Therefore, you need to take this decision in advance before filing.

Annual Requirements of LLC in Wyoming

If you form a Wyoming LLC, you must know the following annual requirements. Every year, you need to file when your firm was created on the first of the month. For example, if you created your LLC on February 22, you will need to file the taxes next year on 1st February. You only need to file the annual report as a mandatory requirement. Apart from that, no other filing is required in the case of Wyoming LLC because there are no state taxes.

Similarly, annual meetings are not mandatory requirements for such a business. However, it is a preferred practice as it gives the business owners the chance to meet and discuss their future strategies.

Amending the LLC

If you start a Wyoming LLC, you have the chance to amend some details later. One such example is changing details related to the business address or any legal changes required otherwise. Additionally, you may contact Llowya at the end of every year to review the planning related to your LLC as well.

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Your LLC Ownership

As an organizer of your company our name may be seen on the Wyoming Secretary of State’s online database. An organizer is different than a owner or manager. To ensure there is no confusion of ownership, we will provide you with a document relieving us from any, if any, interest in your organization. We only form your Wyoming company and are completely separate from any of its day to day operations.

Why is LLC better than other forms of Business Ownerships?

Before taking the final decision to start a Wyoming LLC, consider why Llowyo is determined to help clients form this business entity in Wyoming. Creating an LLC provides significant benefits over other forms of business entities. Such benefits can help with the business’s growth and success.

Limited Liability

Forming a sole proprietor or partnership-based business has one huge disadvantage: your assets and liabilities are the assets and liabilities of the business and vice versa. Therefore, if your business defaults and cannot pay investors their sums, you are liable to pay them from your assets. On the other hand, if you form a Wyoming LLC, you get the projection of Limited Liability. Limited liability means that the liabilities of a business do not constitute a personal liability on the firm’s members. Therefore, your assets, including your home and savings, are completely safe from creditors should your business default. The maximum amount an LLC member can lose is the total amount they invested. Therefore, if you start a Wyoming LLC, you are more secure personally than many other forms of business organizations. However, do note that losing your limited liability is possible through a phenomenon called “piercing the veil.”

  • Flexible Membership

    One key benefit of forming a Wyoming LLC is that you get complete flexibility in who can be the members of the LLC. An LLC is a completely flexible form of business organization. Practically, anyone can become a member. You may find that people start a Wyoming LLC to add partnerships, trusts, and even individuals as members of the corporations. Flexible membership ensures that the firm’s panel brings the widest possible expertise, and maximum capital can be raised from a range of different member types. Additionally, with such flexibility, more firms and individuals are likely to become part of a new business venture than something which binds them rigidly.

  • Management

    Think of how you will have to manage everything yourself if you form a sole proprietor. Or consider the excessive requirements to create a company and form its formal management system. Let us tell you the middle route here: why not start a Wyoming LLC. Here, the complete management system is determined by the members. Every member could become part of the management if they determined to do so. On the other hand, the LLC can collectively select a group that can offer management services to others who wish to be dormant members. This way, there is no rigidity in this type of management system.

Start a Single Member Wyoming LLC

Most people who run small businesses alone can still benefit from starting a Wyoming LLC. In this case, they form a single-member Wyoming LLC, which helps them gain the benefits of limited liability, increased chances of raising capital, and anonymity of ownership. Additionally, every subsidiary under an LLC holding company also takes the form of an SMLLC. Therefore, people prefer adopting this method to create their preferred business venture.

The best option here is to form a Wyoming Close LLC. This specific type of LLC has been created for people who wish to create single-owner companies. The operating formalities are minimal compared to the original form of Wyoming LLC. Additionally, most requirements are also much lower compared to other company formats. This way, it becomes easier for the owner to manage the firm and gain all the benefits.

Multi-Member Wyoming LLC

Consider forming a multi-member Wyoming LLC if more than one person is likely to invest in the company. Here, let us guide you through each step involved in the process:

Before you fill out the Wyoming LLC multi-member form to the Secretary of State, it is important to ensure that the name of the LLC is still available. For this purpose, the database needs to be researched in detail. The name must not be acquired by someone else: uniqueness is the key. Also, the name must be distinguishable. If the name isn’t distinguishable from the others, you will lose the 100 USD filing fee. To search for the name, you must know a few rules. The company’s name must not begin with an “A” immediately followed by s space.

  • Similarly, a proper designator must be included at the end. Remember, the most common one is LLC. Therefore, stick to it if you are unsure of the actual name. Similarly, forming a Wyoming DAO LLC has different naming rules, which must be followed in that case.
  • Next, you need the services of a registered agent, like Llcwyo, to be listed in the Articles of Organization. Without this listing, the application will be rejected. There are two options you may choose from. You may hire a registered agent or ask a family member or friend to act as your registered agent. However, their consent is important for the idea to progress. Finally, the age factor is important. Whoever acts as your registered agent must be 18 years old.
  • Next, your articles of organization are important. The filing fee is 100 USD, with the approval time between 3-5 business days. Hiring the services of Llcwyo means that you can get the finalized registration within this period as we verify all your documents are perfect, and everything is ready to be sent before filing. However, global crises and other situations may cause the filing times to vary immensely. The filing can be completed by mail or online, as per your requirement. After you receive the approval, you will be delivered the stamped and approved copy of the Articles of Organization along with a certificate of Organization. Similarly, you will be handed the filing receipt as well. Next, the LLC may download their certificate of good standing online.
  • LLC Operating Agreement is the next important step for a multi-member LLC. All the owners, formally called the members, will be listed here. The ownership split can be decided with no restrictions on its structure. No rules exist on how the owner should be split in a multi-member Wyoming LC. All decisions are made directly amongst the members involved. The operating agreement is an internal document that must not be sent to the Wyoming Secretary of State or any agency. Only the firm and its members can keep copies of their business records.
  • Next, you need an EIN or Federal Tax ID Number for the multi-member Wyoming LLC. This number helps identify your LLC in the IRS and ensure that all your tax records are fully maintained. First, use this tax ID to open your business bank account. Also, you may use other common names for this ID, like the Federal Employer ID number or the Employer Identification Number, etc. However, don’t apply for the EIN before the Wyoming LLC is approved. Getting the Ein is free of charge, and the application is easy. Download the form from the official IRS website for this purpose. Foreigners who don’t have an SSN can still get the EIN through the specific system set apart for foreign customers. If the LLC is owned by another company that already exists, an online application is not an option. You would need to file in person instead.
  • You don’t require a state-level business license in Wyoming to operate your multi-member LLC. However, permits may be required based on different locations of operation or the industrial choice. Try saving time by using online tools that can help determine the licenses needed. You may contact the team of llcwyo to guide you further on the required licenses and permits as well.
  • LLC bank account has two main benefits. First, your accounting records are separate from the firm, making the management for both very easy. Secondly, personal liability protection exists, helping protect your assets in case of business default.
  • Get a formal business phone number. You may use phone.com or other online services to get a phone number online as well. People forming a Wyoming LLC from outside the United States can benefit from such services and get a virtual phone number without visiting the country in person.

LLC Operation Issues

Pircing the corporate veil

If you start a Wyoming LLC, you will become protected from personal liability arising from business dealings. However, certain things can lead to your limited liability being removed. Some of the key considerations here to ensure that your corporate veil is not pierced includes:

Undertake beneficial formalities

LLCs have the liberty of having less stricter formalities than corporations. However, it is advisable to take on some of the formalities of the corporations to ensure that your limited liability status remains intact when you start a Wyoming LLC.

  • Issue membership certificates to owners.
  • Always have your membership transfer ledger maintained to know who currently a member of the LLC is.
  • Make sure all annual and initial meetings are held as well.

Business Action Documentation

Remember, you may find yourself in trouble if you don’t know how things are happening in your business. Therefore, most people who start a Wyoming LLC tend to keep complete documentation of all the major actions of the business. Such documentation includes, but is not limited to, information on both initial and annual meetings, details about management, and how the meetings are scheduled for the next few years. Additionally, maintain formal business documents for at least seven years.

Keep Your Business and Personal Assets Separate

One major mistake committed by people who form a Wyoming LLC is to mix their business assets with personal assets. For example, if you have a personal car that is not the possession of your business, ensure that it is kept separately from the business vehicles. Otherwise, in case of any issue, creditors may consider that they have been misled about the reality of business versus personal assets by the firm.

Capitalization of the Business

Ensure that the business has enough capital to meet its requirements and needs. If the business assets are completely intertwined with the personal sources of money, people will consider that you are designated to pay in place of your LLC. Such an issue can lead to serious confusion if there is a legal proceeding.

Status of your Firm

Ensure that everyone knows the status of your corporation. It’s worthwhile to purchase, sell, and trade in the business’s name once you start a Wyoming company. This way, everyone knows that the business is operating as a separate entity and is not linked to the personal assets and dealings of the owner.

LLC Operation Key Issues

Forming a Wyoming LLC is a responsibility. Therefore, Llowya has compiled all the details that must be known regarding the different issues that must be considered when operating a Wyoming LLC.

  • The assets of the senior generation must be transferred to the LLC to ensure that enough income is generated for the senior member’s lifestyle needs and requirements.
  • LLC must receive the formal ownership of any property or securities intended to be held by the firm.
  • The accounting records and bookkeeping of the LLC must be completely separate from the owners’ records.
  • LLC must operate its separate bank account to avoid any discrepancies in the process. Additionally, the income generated must be deposited into the official account of the LLC. This way, no issues would erupt over the income management procedures.
  • Pro-rata-based membership interests must be considered when distributing the income from the LLC to the owners.

LLC for Non-Residents

Someone does not have to be a Wyoming resident or even be physically in Wyoming to start a Wyoming LLC. This is great for someone who is looking to take advantage of the benefits of starting a Wyoming LLC. There is a state requirment that clearly states that a registered agent must be physically present in the state.

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LLC for Foreign Persons

Wyoming does not have any citizenship requirements. Anyone anywhere can start a Wyoming LLC. We can help non-united states citizens start a domestic Wyoming LLC. There are certain requirements the state of Wyoming defines pertaining to record keeping. A foreign person cannot provide a PO Box or mail forwarding address.

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