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Form a Wyoming LLC
Our Fees

Start A Wyoming LLC

Since our inception, business development has been a part of our organizational core values by focusing on building an emergent strategy that reduces privacy entry barriers

Includes State Filing Fee

To form a Wyoming LLC there is an initial state filing fee of $100 plus a $2 convenience fee. This state fee is required to file your Articles of Organization to form your Wyoming company. Our firm includes this state fee when you choose to form a Wyoming LLC with us.

$135 Total

Our company formation service will provide you with a basic foundation to start your journey as a business owner. We will get you up and going in as little as 24 hours. You will receive all of the documentation establishing your company as a legal entity in the State of Wyoming.

Includes 1 Year WY Registered Agent Services

Wyoming requires any company in the state to maintain a Wyoming registered agent physically located within the state. The purpose of a registered agent is to ensure someone is available to accept legal documents for your company in the even of litigation. Our WY company formation service includes one year of Wyoming registered agent service.


Our WY Company Formation Service

Wyoming’s Limited Liability Company is considered to be a separate legal entity distinguishable from its members and owners. Our firm helps you form a Wyoming company effortlessly and seamlessly by completing all of the steps necessary to full fill the Wyoming state requirements pertaining to Wyoming company formation. We make sure that each step of the process is completed in a manner that is satisfactory relevant to state statutes. The steps to form a Wyoming company are easy and you can choose to complete this process yourself or hire a professional to ensure everything is completed properly.

Entity Filed In Less than 24 Hours

We can start your Wyoming LLC formation in less than 24 hours. This way you do not have to wait to begin your company operations as a separate legal entity from yourself. In 24 hours we will have your Wyoming company formed and ready to get down to business.

Your Ownership Privacy

Our services help you maintain privacy when starting a new company. We make sure your information is not published when filing documents with the initial filing of your company. Any information you provide us is strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

1 Year Registered Agent Service

Wyoming requires companies to have a registered agent. Our firm includes this service with our WY company filing service. Therefore, your firm won’t have to pay any additional cost to find, recruit and utilize the services of a separate Wyoming registered agent. Finding the resources to pay the separate agent fees when they start a Wyoming LLC can be immense for startups. Therefore, consider our services to reduce your expenses and enjoy a safer transition into the business world.

Utilize A Wyoming Address

No need to share your personal address to form a Wyoming LLC. Many companies face issues of having a physically address. Online companies or companies that perform work out of a home may not have a separate office address to share when starting a Wyoming LLC. Many online businesses may face issues as they don’t have separate office addresses to share when starting a Wyoming Company. We can help keep your privacy intact or provide an address for your online company to use on business filings.

Mail Forwarding

Our mail forwarding service allows up to 5 pieces of mail to be scanned and emailed to your designated contact. We also offer additional forwarding for companies who require more than this standard. We can also offer package forwarding on special request.

Receive Important Filing Documents

Upon filing your Wyoming LLC, we will provide you with important documents recognizing your company as a legal business entity in the State of Wyoming.

  • Articles of Organization
  • Consent To Appoint Registered Agent
  • Resignation of Filer (To help show we have no managerial interest in your company)
  • Basic Operating Agreement.


Your WY LLC Ownership

As an organizer of your company our name may be seen on the Wyoming Secretary of State’s online database. An organizer is different than a owner or manager. To ensure there is no confusion of ownership, we will provide you with a document relieving us from any, if any, interest in your organization. We only form your Wyoming company and are completely separate from any of its day to day operations.

Things To Consider When Choosing To Start a Wyoming LLC

Before making the decision to start a Wyoming LLC, consider some of the benefits and compare to other forms of business entities. Wyoming legislature and the Internal Revenue Service allow the creation of three business forms similar to each other in relation to advantages in taxation. Similar to a sole proprietorship and partnership, a limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership (LP), and limited liability partnership (LLLP) have characteristics closely related to each other.

Wyoming Limited Liability Company

A Wyoming LLC is intended to combine some of the advantages of a corporation with the tax treatment of a partnership. An LLC is owned by its members who can manage the company or elect a manager(s). One of the most notable benefits of a WY LLC is the limited liability of members for the obligations of the LLC. A Wyoming LLC has limited free transferability of its ownership interests. A Wyoming LLC typically does not dissolve after the death, retirement, or bankruptcy of any member. It is possible for a LLC to elect tax treatment similar to an S corporation by completing a Form 2553 from the IRS.

General Characteristics of a WY LLC

  • Formation through agreement of its owners while following Wyoming's limited liability company statute.
  • Duration can be perpetual or a defined time.
  • Can be managed by members or an elected manager.
  • Owner liability limited to capital contribution and member-managed torts.
  • Limited owners interest transferability.
  • Federal taxes imposed on members.

Wyoming A Great Place To Start A LLC

Total $135 Flat Fee

 Starting A Wyoming LLC

There are many things to consider when deciding on starting a Wyoming LLC. Here are just a few considerations to think about before making the commitment to your journey as a Wyoming business owner.

Choose Entity Type

Wyoming offers several types of business forms. Many of which are similar to an LLC. It is important to determine and evaluate all of the characteristics and select the appropriate formation which most aligns with your requirements. Closely related entity forms include:

  • LLC
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Limited Partnership

Chose Your Company Name

It is important that your company name is distinguishable from other business entitites. This can help your company from accidentally being sued for another company's conduct with an identical name. It may be best to search the Wyoming Secretary of State's database and confirm your company's name is distinguishable from others.

  • A Wyoming limited liability company must contain: "L.C., L.C., L.L.C., L.L.C., L3C, LC, LC, Limited Company, Limited Company, Limited Liability Co., Limited Liability Co., LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, Limited Liability Company, LLC, LLC, Ltd. Liability Co., Ltd. Liability Co., Ltd. Liability Company, Ltd. Liability Company"

There are additional requirements that require Wyoming secretary of state approval before a education, banking, or a name with special characters can be filed.

Find A Registered Agent

This is where our services become most appropriate. All business entities in Wyoming are required to have a registered agent to accept service of process. You can be your own registered agent, but must be physically located in Wyoming and this information will be make public for anyone who searches your company.

Filing Fees

Wyoming imposes a filing fee of $100 for LLCs and a $2 fee for online filings. This fee must be paid to the state before the entity can be filed and become a legal business entity in the State of Wyoming.

Processing Time

Our company can get your Wyoming LLC process in less than 24 hours. One of the greatest benefit our company can provide is helping you remain private by having us file for you and keeping your name and address out of public record.


We provide you with all of the documentation confirming your new Wyoming LLC is legally established in the State of Wyoming. This includes:

  • Article of Organization
  • Consent of Appointment of Registered Agent
  • And Others.

Annual Report

Each year your company's annual report is due on the first day of the month of your company's filing date. This fee is usually based on your assets located in Wyoming. Information provided to the Secretary of State helps determine the amount of your annual license tax.  Generally this amount is $60 or $.0002 of assets in Wyoming, which ever is greater. It is important to seek professional tax support when determining this exact amount.

Wyoming A Great Place To Start A LLC

Total $135 Flat Fee

Things To Consider

Company Name

Before you file a Wyoming LLC it is important to ensure there are no similar names and that your business's name is distinguishable from other companies. Uniqueness is important. Especially in the event of mistaken identity.

Formation Type

Wyoming has a pro-business mindset and offers many types of business formations. Each business form has its own specialized advantages and disadvantages depending on your unique situation. Wyoming recently started allowing DAO LLC which has different rules.

Registered Agent

You can choose to be your own registered agent or hire a professional such as our company. The registered agent must be 18 years or older and physically available and present in the State of Wyoming. 


It is very important that all information provided to organize your LLC is accurate and up to date. Wyoming does not require you or your company to disclose its members or managers to the state, however, your registered agent is required to keep up to date information in the event of service of process.

Operating Agreement

We provide you with a very basic operating agreement to get you started. This operating agreement may not be unique to your situation and can be discarded, edited, or used as is. An operating agreement is important because it shows how your company is managed, rights of its members and determines the actions a manager can take in certain situations.

Company Tax Number (EIN)

An EIN is short for Employer Identification Number. It is also referred to as a FEIN Federal Employee Identification Number. This number helps the IRS identify your company. This number can be used during tax filing and is required if your company decides to open a bank account.

Wyoming LLC Bank Account

An LLC bank account can help separate an owners assets from the company's. Many banks require someone to be physically present in Wyoming in order to open an account. There are some online banks that do not have this requirement. So it would be a good idea to look around for a bank that can align with your company's needs.

Local Laws

Wyoming does not require a business license to conduct business within the state, however, some local jurisdictions require permits for special operations in certain industries. With our services your company will be located in Sheridan, Wyoming. 

Company Phone

If your company needs a Wyoming phone number, there are many VOIP options available. Google voice offers a free phone number for personal use. There are dozens of VOIP services to choose from with low prices.

LLC for Non-Residents

Anyone can own a Wyoming LLC. You do not have to be a Wyoming resident. State legislation and Wyoming's business friendly attitude allows for anyone to start a Wyoming LLC. This is great for someone who is looking to take advantage of having an LLC.

LLC for Foreign Persons

Wyoming does not have any citizenship requirements. Anyone anywhere can start a Wyoming LLC. We have helped numerous people from around the world start a Wyoming LLC.

Business Friendly Wyoming

EIN For Non-Resident Foreigners

An EIN, also known as Employer Identification number or FEIN, is one of the important components when opening a bank account. Many banks will ask for this number and several other documents. It is quicker and easier for a foreigner to get this number if an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) is already acquired. 

An EIN for non-resident foreigners is not available online and must be done through mail or fax. This adds some time to the acquisition of an EIN and can take up to two months. This is something you can do yourself or hire a professional like ourselves. An option for EIN is available at checkout.