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Business Tax ID

Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)

EIN Filing


An legal Wyoming company is a separate entity apart from its owners. So it would be reasonable to think a Wyoming company would have its own unique tax id number, similar to a social security number.

An EIN is also known as Employer Identification Number, FEIN, Federal Tax Id Number. It is a number that is assigned by the IRS to a business entity. It is used and mandatory for all Wyoming businesses to filing a Federal tax return.

For $20 we offer a EIN Tax ID filing service. However, this is something you should do yourself due to the sensitivity of the information involved. We can help both US citizens, Non-US filers, and Foreign Companies get their EIN.

The IRS provides a web application that is easy to use and can provide you with an Tax ID instantly during their working hours.

About this Process

Things to consider to file your EIN

  • Eligibility
  • Uses
  • Purpose
  • IRS


A business may file online if the business is located within the US or territories. The person applying must have either a SSN, ITIN, or EIN.

Use of an EIN

An EIN can be used to open a bank account or other taxable situations.



An EIN is used as a unique identifier for US tax filing purposes.


The IRS, Internal Revenue Service is the issuing authority. The online application is easy to use.

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